My experience as a critic, creative writer, researcher, translator and podcaster in the humanities and social sciences has helped me gain fluency in a diversity of discourses & registers. Currently, I am part of the Editorial & Content Strategy department at the Sharjah Art Foundation.

My critical and creative writing frequently appears in Indian and international publications. It has been recognised by the International Awards for Art Criticism, the Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation, the Kamala & Sitapati Ganesh Trust, the Serendipity Arts Foundation and the Toto Funds the Arts Awards. I run South Asia's first independent visual culture podcast - Artaलाप - streaming on all audio apps.

My translation practice is between English and Hindustani (Nāgri and Nasta'liq scripts) - my translation of Anu Singh Choudhary's 'Neela Scarf' (HarperCollins India, 2023) is out now.

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